TIPS began as University Tutors for Seattle Schools (UTSS), the vision of Professor Greg Fritzberg at Seattle Pacific University to infuse public school classrooms with talented, energetic, and passionate tutors.


Improve student outcomes and teacher effectiveness by placing representative, culturally responsive tutors directly into classrooms


 Ensure all students meet or exceed academic standards and engage with caring adults who want to see them succeed. Enable opportunities for historically marginalized adults to pursue education careers.


  • We recognize the systemic barriers faced by marginalized people trying to enter the field of education, so we pay our tutors a competitive hourly wage to provide opportunity for those who can’t afford to volunteer for experience.
  • We offer ongoing training opportunities for our tutors in a variety of areas including race, equity, education, relationship building with students, and educator self-care.

Our tutors gain valuable experience as educators in the classroom and have opportunities to network with teachers, administrators, and support staff. TIPS helps diversify the workforce and create a pathway for more culturally responsive educators in public schools.

  • We hire tutors who will be representative of the students they are serving, as well as culturally responsive people who can support students from all backgrounds. 
  • We recognize findings demonstrating that marginalized students are unable to consistently connect with their learning, teachers, and schools. Our tutors’ regular presence in classrooms helps build that consistency.

Our students benefit because our tutoring happens predominantly during the school day. Providing access to in-school support allows us to reach more of the students who are the furthest from educational justice, as there are no added time or financial barriers for students and families.