benefit students, teachers and school communities. A TIPS tutor provides direct support to students, extends teachers’ capacity to meet classroom needs, and allows administrators to target specific intervention areas.


3 students sitting around a table talking and working
  • Our tutoring happens predominantly during the school day and is free for students, allowing us to reach more students.
  • Our tutors have a whole-hearted approach, providing emotional and social support as well as academic assistance.
  • Tutors may work 1-on-1 with struggling students, provide small group interventions, support whole classroom environments, and more!


Teacher and tutor working together to help a student with an assignment
  • We work across the region in public schools, grades K-12, and in any subject area. Tutors can help in-person or online.
  • Our tutors are in the classroom to support both students and teachers. When teachers are better supported, they do their job better.
  • We understand that schools know their own needs best, so our model allows partner schools to decide what roles they want tutors to fill on a local basis.


Student standing with a tutor sitting behind them measuring their design for a science project
  • Schools contract with TIPS to provide paid tutoring services. We in turn provide full employment services and hire culturally responsive tutors for school communities.   
  • Our tutors are aspiring teachers, college students, graduates, career switchers, parents, long time school volunteers and more.
  • Schools are able to make valuable connections with tutors and open doors for a pipeline of potential future educators. 


Cedar Park Elementary

Dunlap Elementary

Franklin High School

Ingraham High School

John Muir Elementary School

Lincoln High School

Lowell Elementary School

Mercer International M.S.

Northgate Elementary School

Rainier Beach High School

Salmon Bay K-8

West Seattle Elementary School

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Rising Star Elementary School

Wing Luke Elementary School

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Olympic Hills