TUTORS IMPACTING PUBLIC SCHOOLS matches the right skill set, with the right need, to close gaps unique to each school and classroom.


Gender fluid student standing in front of a chalk board with math equations. They are holding up a piece of chalk and wearing a brown collard shirt under a yellow sweater. They have black round rimmed glasses.

Tutors are placed in positions that best fit their availability and interests. The placement schools identify how to best use tutor time as students’ needs evolve.


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TIPS’ tutors enable multiple, simultaneous, differentiated classroom learning opportunities to best serve all students.


Woman sitting on a yellow bean bag reading a book to children. Another caring tutor is sitting with them listening

TIPS tutors support quality teaching so all students can meet or exceed academic standards. Tutors also support social, emotional and cultural learning.


Man wearing glasses smiling.

Adam Beck

Lowell Elementary

Adam is a counseling student at Seattle university excited to be working with UTSS…

Woman smiling with flower shirt and glasses

Ana Rodriguez-Knutsen

West Seattle Elementary

Ana graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Creative Writing and a minor in…

Woman smiling with brown hair and red hoodie jacket. She has green leaves behind her.

Becky Nicholas

John Muir Elementary

Becky Nicholas is in her third year with UTSS. She loves being a reading tutor at John Muir…

Man with glasses and purple shirt

Benjamin Osterhout

Rising Star Elementary

Ben is a radio board operator; aspiring author; strategy game, physics, and history enthusiast…

Captain Marvel poster on the wall behind a woman with short hair and black rim glasses smiling

Brenda Walker

John Muir Elementary

After working as an electrician for 25 years, Brenda decided to give back to the community…

Man with short hair and glasses wearing a black shirt and white lab coat

David Wishnick

Franklin High School

David Wishnick is from Skokie, IL and graduated from Madison, Wisconsin…

Blue book logo with a yellow heart. The word TIPS below the book

Dena Al-Mousawi

Delridge Neighborhood Development

Dena is a recent college graduate from the University of Washington, Seattle…

Man with beard looking at the camera

Devlin Dinish

Ingraham High School

Devlin is a Central District native. Graduate from the Academy of Art University…

Headshot of woman with long brown hair smiling. She is wearing glasses and a black shirt.

Eliza Truitt

John Muir Elementary

Eliza has a BA in English and counts reading as one of her top leisure activities…

Older man with glasses and red shirt smiling. blue background

Erik Hammen

Wing Luke & Dunlap

Erik loves working with kids on reading, writing, language, and thinking…

Woman standing in front of columns smiling. Headshot photo.

Eva Chuc

Rainier Beach High School

Eva Chuc is a Youth Advocate and passionate about integrating social and emotional literacy…

Man smiling with young child on his back in a caring pack.

Ezekiel (Zeke) Fry

John Muir Elementary

Zeke is a lifelong Seattle resident and graduate of the Seattle Public School District…

Blue book logo with a yellow heart. The word TIPS below the book

Gary Damico

Lincoln High School

After receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics from the Ohio State University, Gary moved to Chicago…

Woman standing in front our wood slat wall. Wearing brown glasses and a gray cardigan

Jacey Herman

John Muir Elementary

Jacey graduated from the University of Washington in 2019 with a Bachelors in Sociology…

Woman with blonde highlights

Jane Park

Northgate Elementary

Jane Park (she/her) grew up in Seattle and graduated from Seattle University with…

Woman with glasses and black head covering. Big smile with plain background

Shamey Kassim

John Muir Elementary

Shamey Kassim is a tutor working in a 2nd-grade classroom. She is a recent graduate…

Head shot of woman with pink shirt and long brown hair smiling

Laura Stowell

West Seattle Elementary

Laura Stowell graduated from Brigham Young University with a BA in Communications…

Woman with blue lace dress, long brown hair, and a black graduation cap with white tassel

Lena Snyder

Northgate Elementary

Lena graduated from the University of Washington In June 2019 with a B.A. in Psychology…

Woman with red lipstick and hoop earrings smiling

Lucia Bellino

Rainier Beach High School

Lucia Bellino recently graduated from Rutgers University with her bachelor’s degree…

Woman in a green tank top with floral hoop earrings. Headshot

Luisa Hoffmann

John Muir Elementary

Lucia was born in Michoacan Mexico. Her background is in Spanish Literature and Education…

Woman with brown fringe haircut smiling

Marysia Koltonowska

Mercer Middle School

Marysia Koltonowska (they/she) is a junior at the UW. They are pursuing a double major..

Man wearing glasses who works for University Tutors for Seattle Schools

Moamen Mohamad

Delridge Neighborhood Development

Check back for Moamen’s bio.

Woman with hoop earrings

Monica Lau

John Muir Elementary

Check back for Monica’s bio…

Woman with brown hair and plaid jacket

Nicole Hagens

Mercer Middle School

Nicole grew up farming in Duvall, Washington but moved to Seattle to pursue further education…

Man with blonde hair in a ponytail. Smiling and wearing a floral shirt with a necklace

Peter Williams Richards

John Muir Elementary

Peter (he/him/his) is a professional artist and musician based in Seattle…

Woman head shoot smiling with brown hair

Rebekah Nachman

West Seattle Elementary

Rebekah is a recent graduate of Muhlenberg College with degrees in…

Woman with burgundy lace shirt and black suit jacket. Smiling for a head shot

Sarah Zavaleta

Ingraham High School

Sarah grew up in Mount Vernon, WA with her parents and two younger sisters…

Man with white hair and white beard smiling. He is wearing an orange shirt

Straton Spyropoulos

Lincoln High School

Straton has been tutoring since he was in high school. He loves it, and find it very rewarding…